Editorial Services

Style Sheets Editorial Services provides fast and reliable copyediting and proofreading at competitive rates.

Research and Program Evaluation Firms

An error-free and expertly worded RFP response seals the deal. Effective evaluation reports assure all stakeholders that the funded work has meaning for those being evaluated and for program improvement. Style Sheets Editorial Services can ensure that misspellings, grammatical errors, and distracting diction don’t clutter these messages. Our experience includes:

  • Assisting with evaluation reports, other stakeholder communication, grant proposals, and resource guides on topics from healthcare delivery to rural and tribal mental health services
  • Copyediting (correcting grammar and spelling; culling to fit word or page count; helping with diction, tone, and consistency; formatting citations and references; and performing light fact-checking)
  • Employing APA style or The Chicago Manual of Style

Policy Professionals, Journals, and Book Publishers

Content producers need editors who can hit the ground running: polishing prose, handling rewrites, and aligning text with house style. Communications departments rely on editors who are mindful of larger marketing goals that demonstrate to readers why they should support the publication. Advocates want to be sure that copy speaks the language of their various audiences. Editors-in-chief need an editor who understands the book publishing process. Style Sheets Editorial Services keeps the big picture in mind while minding the details. Our experience includes:

  • Assisting with reports, newsletters, fact sheets, and marketing collateral on topics including environmental, trade, health, and regulatory policy, and social science
  • Assisting with literary studies and general nonfiction
  • Employing AP style or The Chicago Manual of Style
  • Copyediting for consistency, grammar, and spelling; helping to refine text to better address the intended audience and fit word or page count; formatting citations and references

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