Client List

Book publishers and journals:

  • The John Updike Review
  • Louisiana State University Press
  • Pelican Publishing Company
  • University of Missouri Press

Health education:

  • National Academy of Medicine

Nonprofits — good governance:

  • Better Markets 
  • Color of Change
  • Common Cause
  • Open Government Partnership
  • Public Citizen
    • Access to Medicines and International Trade programs
    • Civil Justice Project News
    • Public Citizen News
    • Worst Pills, Best Pills News
  • Transparency and Accountability 
  • Union of Concerned Scientists

Nonprofits — community building:

  • Leading From Within 
  • LSU Museum of Art, Shaw Center monthly newsletter
  • Thousand Currents

Program evaluation consultants and researchers:

  • Community Science
  • EvalGroup
  • Lisa Bass Research, Evaluation, and Planning
  • The Mark (nee SmartStart Evaluation and Research)
  • Social Policy Research Associates
  • Toffler Associates
  • Trina Stout Strategies
  • Western Michigan University, The Evaluation Center

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